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Rhiannon LaBeth [userpic]

It's been forever!

March 22nd, 2006 (10:10 pm)
current mood: FINALLY!
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Title: Beginnings
Author: Rheenie
Pairing: George Weasley/Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Warnings: slash, duh, and * gasp * gay marraige
Notes: beta-ed by anyothergirl415
Prompt: 087. Life
Disclaimer: The Harry Potter Universe and all it's characters belong to JKR. I'm just playing with it, if it belonged to me Harry would've ended up with a different Weasley.

Harry turned to face George and grinned. George returned the grin and crossed his eyes at Harry, making him snort to contain his laughter. He caught Molly rolling her eyes out of the corner of his own. Kingsley, who was presiding over the ceremony nodded at George, "George, you first."

George nodded back, "Harry. Today is a very special day, and I'm using it as an opportunity to be sappy, but don't get used to it." Harry smiled and shook his head. George took Harry's hands in his. "Harry. Today I'm making a promise to you in front of all of these people." He motioned to the crowd of people who had gathered in the garden of the Burrow. "Well, a few promises. First promise, to always see you as Harry. Not as the boy-who-lived, or the savior-of-the-bloody-wizarding-world. And as such you will receive no mercy, products will be tested on you. It's a hazard you'll have to live with." Harry did laugh this time. "The second promise I make will be to not test any potentially lethal products on you. Those I'll save for my dear brother." The whole family laughed and Fred reached over from his place by George's side to hit him on the head. George shot a playful glare at his brother and turned back to Harry. "I promise to always bring the good looks and humor to the relationship, and I promise to never allow you to be morose and brooding for more than two minutes at a time. Harry, I promise to love you, despite all of your faults, maybe even more because of them, for all of my life." George sniffled, obviously trying not to cry. He took a breath and laughed. "Oh, yea, and I promise to give the whole monogamy thing a good try." Everyone laughed, and this time Harry was the one to hit him.

Kingsley smiled down at them and nodded at Harry, "Go ahead, Harry."

Harry squeezed George's hand, "George, despite everything you just said," he paused, "and that horrible dragon skin suit of yours, I'm going to make a few promises myself." George scoffed and tried to look offended at the mockery of his suit. "I promise to you to always let you think you bring the good looks and humor to the relationship." Fred laughed out loud at that, and clapped his hand over his mouth. "I promise to always love you for you, even if you do test the Weezes on me. And to try not to be morose and brooding around you. Finally, I promise to love you for all of my life."

Kingsley smiled at them both again, "The rings?" Harry turned to Ron to take his ring and George took his from Fred. "Place them on your partner's finger, and in doing so you are beginning a life with him. You are promising in front of friends and family to love and cherish each other. To grow together and be together always. You are committing to each other, to go where he goes, stay where he stays. To trust in, honor, and respect each other. The both of you are using today to promise to laugh and cry together, to be faithful to each other and to stay together in times of good or bad, no matter the obstacles. Your families will be forever connected and only with death will this bond formed today be broken. Do both of you make this commitment and symbolize it with these rings?"

George snickered, "He'd better." Harry pinched his arm, "I mean yes, I do."

Harry nodded, "I do."

Kingsley nodded, "The commitment has been made, and these two are now bonded. You may now have your first kiss as a married couple."

George and Harry kissed, it was deep and passionate and playful, it was wonderful and satisfying, it was the perfect symbol of their future together. Amid the cheering and the cat calls George leaned in to whisper in Harry's ear, "For all of my life."

Harry kissed him again, "For all of my life."

enourmous thanks to the beautiful and talented anyothergirl415 for the beta. She's wonderful. And she puts up with my on again off again writing. *loves* her


Posted by: Annika (bruisesonguitar)
Posted at: March 27th, 2006 07:46 am (UTC)

*squee* gay marriage, what a wonderful take on the prompt :)

I love how you've captured George, very canon and in character :D

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